1. protect (something, especially something of environmental or cultural importance) from harm or destruction.

Conserve Me! Even if not of environmental or cultural importance I think I’m worth saving a little longer. How to protect, not why, is the question posed most days by this blog. Eat well, exercise, be kind ,be grateful you and I know the drill by now.

So if writing an end of term report what would it say. Well done , must try harder , needs to pay more attention to the detail. Interesting how deeply ingrained in me external reporting and assessment is that it so readily springs to mind. Need to relearn not just walking but how to judge a successful outcome for me. No need to mark everything I do out of 10 with a variable pass mark depending on how others fare on same test. I’ve passed my own exam, still here, still penning this blog, still curious to see what each new day will bring.

On a completely different note not music today but as well as remembering to smell the coffee here is recipe so can enjoy homemade strawberry conserve too.

Have a good day



One thought on “conserve

  1. Self-conservation is definitely the right idea!
    Have only had time for a quick look at your blog, but will return… What a wonderful, and thoughtfully researched and documented, gift this is!

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