A day or so ago I chose ‘waste’ Today I choose the opposite – ‘conserve’ . How can I save time, stop it flying. Not sure it’s possible but in spirit of today’s word sharing the original ‘waste’ post instead of google wander for new insights. Will return to conserving the planet another day.

Wasting time a task orientated concept, time flies and passes. Whether it can be wasted a philosophical concept. Wiki has advice on how to waste time which I will not share, let you find it yourself to potentially increase perceived lack of productivity. Where though the boundary between time spent wisely and wastefully. Who decides? Enough debate I’m calling time for today. Just enjoy the chilled music choice

I tinkered with this version instead of letting it be good enough. Was that wise use of time? Whether it was or not, the decision was made. Lesson for today is to let go and move forward. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures – Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, Wastin’ time.

Have a good day



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