1. protect (something, especially something of environmental or cultural importance) from harm or destruction.

Conserve Me! Even if not of environmental or cultural importance I think I’m worth saving a little longer. How to protect, not why, is the question posed most days by this blog. Eat well, exercise, be kind ,be grateful you and I know the drill by now.

So if writing an end of term report what would it say. Well done , must try harder , needs to pay more attention to the detail. Interesting how deeply ingrained in me external reporting and assessment is that it so readily springs to mind. Need to relearn not just walking but how to judge a successful outcome for me. No need to mark everything I do out of 10 with a variable pass mark depending on how others fare on same test. I’ve passed my own exam, still here, still penning this blog, still curious to see what each new day will bring.

On a completely different note not music today but as well as remembering to smell the coffee here is recipe so can enjoy homemade strawberry conserve too.

Have a good day



have fun

Yesterday remembrance through poetry, evocative, emotional, a challenge. Couldn’t resist though sharing as well this site found on same journey which prompted a smile. I know it’s purpose is to make it’s owners money not necessarily the world a better place. Avoid if your principles would be compromised by a peek.

Remember, ‘National Homemade Cookie Day’ and create your own days to remember. ‘National Clear Space Day’ is one that comes to mind alongside ‘National Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon Day’. I declare today ‘National Have Fun Day!’

Have a fun filled day



Remember, Remember the fifth of November.

I’ve ¬†found poetry, like music, an acquired taste which I’ve not taken to. ¬†But today chanced upon National Poetry Day on google wander and taking it as a sign that it’s now time for me to discover poetry’s pleasure. This year’s NPD theme was Remembrance. Here the link to find out more.

If like me you get drawn in, curious for more, then suggest ‘Remember Me When I Am Gone Away’ as start point to explore this other world of words.

Have a good day


get on with my life

Today found a post in draft with title ‘be grateful’. Perfect, I thought let me use so can get on with rest of day. But all I found was a blank page. So much for being grateful. Of course,there is so much to be grateful for but blank page left there reflected the reality that the words don’t want to spill out on page. That’s ok just take a moment and run through them in your head.

I am grateful…..that the sky is blue on a wintry day and I have the strength and love from my family and friends to get on with my life.

Have a good day


be patient

Yesterday at first the link between most recent and previous post was missing. Last time this happened spent hours trying to fix. This time I just let time pass and it fixed itself. By all means try to solve problems rather than expect others to solve them for you but remember sometimes the solution is to just stand back and wait rather than rush forward. Giving space to yourself and others. On this journey, faith is the key to a happy life, with it you will know when to act. All I can hope is that when I shut my eyes and meditate for a moment then the right answer will come.

Not sure about music choice but it fits the brief so here it is.

Have a good day


listen to music

Inspired today by BBC, today start of Faith in the World Week and this year’s theme healing through music.
Hope link will survive the constant need to update but if not sure if you google some trace of this event will survive internet housekeeping.

Today’s choice a reminder of part music has played in this journey. Yet a book or the garden my escape not music. For me too often music hurts my head , painfully loud and discordant. Also a feeling of being an outsider not allowed to join their world, those who can sing and play, or just listen for pleasure. Perhaps, time to forget past and learn to enjoy music, find a new friend rather than continue to fight an old foe. At this point there should be a youtube link but no idea what to choose . Will leave a space till I find what should be here.

Have a good day