light a candle

Many reasons to light a candle, in remembrance , usher in the sabbath, as a symbol of faith , even for light. Today, on World Suicide Prevention Day, light a candle to show support for suicide prevention. While would never wish to prevent anyone from ending their pain and suffering would also want to to still hear and not be deaf to a call for help from someone in despair. How to know the difference , a tale for another day .

Light a candle near
a window at 8 pm
to show your support
for suicide prevention
to remember a lost
loved one and
for the survivors of suicide.

The flicker of a real candle allows quiet reflection and comfort but there is if course in this electronic era a virtual candle too. As with rest of journey learn to embrace new ways while keeping best of old too.

Take a moment, light a candle.

Have a peaceful day



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