be perfect

“Good, better, best never let it rest, till your good is better and your better is your best.”

Drilled from childhood but on reflection not the words but what I heard that has brought me to this point. Unless I am perfect I have failed and failure means I have not tried my best. Does that sound reasonable? If not what I would tell others then why tell myself. Others would get praise and encouragement for effort not just criticism. Though on reflection can be pretty harsh on others too, less so as grow older and maybe wiser. Still harshest criticism reserved for me. So what to do. Today let ‘good enough’ rule. In that spirit let first google choice which hits spot do, no need to feel must continue search in case something better.

Appreciate irony that on return months later the link to perfectionism is broken. Here the new link and here in case that disappears the home page

Allow yourself to have a good day



be peaceful

Can you fight for peace? Perhaps,perhaps not. Non violent protests a retro 60s act. End of wars still an aspiration not a reality. So much for affairs of states, what of me and thee. Is peace a state of mind we can simply choose? Following googled advice, I will try when dealing with others to be calm, non-confrontational and kind. We will see if this seemingly simple step succeeds. As for music choice, no longer edgy voice of rebellion, ironically now part of establishment it challenged, no matter … Be kind , give peace a chance.

Have a peaceful day


watch tv

“TV viewing time may have adverse health consequences that rival those of lack of physical activity, obesity and smoking; every single hour of TV viewed may shorten life by as much as 22 minutes.”

Media ‘quote’ based on article in British Journal Sports Medicine by experts from University of Queensland,Australia.

Ah…can no longer use hours of tv as an escape from silence, a way to avoid reality of what is. If television added to list of addictions, alongside food and drugs then will need to go for healthy option of off switch. Stand not sit. Why spoil sound bite to mention there is no evidence for causality. Increasing ice cream sales does not make the sun shine. No matter still happy to accept being more active as a worthy addition to health toolkit. Time today to stop blogging and get up and get out.

Have a good day


look up

Head down, feeling weight on shoulders , ready to give up this daily task. Look up requires at least a positive action even if that doesn’t automatically bring a smile but google surprised me . Didn’t expect this

There you are today’s marmite love it or hate it. Social commentary or hypocrisy, enlightenment or money spinner. Either way at least it prompted from me a wry smile which will sustain. 46million and counting there’s irony for you. Look up and smell the coffee. For those who like to read here’s a link too
Have a good day


make mistakes

…. it appears that there is a current trend toward recruiting employees who demonstrate learning agility, and this includes tolerance of risk, an ability to side-step the paralyzing effects of perfectionism, and the capacity to bounce back from small stakes errors. People with high learning agility naturally believe that the learning that follows mistakes can actually help them and their teams…. See more at:

I want to be a mistake tolerant organisation, free to try new things and learn from my mistakes, not afraid to fail. “Getting it right first time”, is a worthy ideal but not if it creates perfection paralysis and stops me attempting anything new. “Just do it” has merit too, though as you might expect also comes with a health warning from me but let’s try something new today.

Have a good day


be grateful

Today, grateful for help in facing fears yesterday. Lesson in finding inner strength but also trusting others. Today, taking time out to reflect on old year and what new year may bring.

L’Shona Tova.

Hope,happiness and health to you and yours.


drink tea

Afternoon tea one of life’s pleasures. Freshly baked scones, homemade jam and clotted cream. Cake, dainty sandwiches and cups of earl grey tea. Today though time to learn about a ritual from across the sea. It requires patience to watch, a lesson in itself.

And from Begin Japanology too.

Have a good day