write a blog

Start at the beginning they say but not sure there is that much time. Here goes, early retirement (I still think of it as being sacked but hey as the kids say), empty nest, chronic health problems, life. Looking for happiness between despair and anger , it was suggested I needed to find a hobby, a purpose , a reason … a blog. Therapy for the modern age , who knows where it could lead. Bit of me already feels it is a little pointless as google searches seem to always ………….

Recall those words ? Yesterday a milestone but emotional low made it feel as though I was back where I started . Call to celebrate fake but on reflection no . An amazing adventure has a start and finish and is no less amazing if they are the same. Enjoy the journey not fret on whether this is a final destination . So far it’s been a trip worth taking . Every tomorrow a surprise.

Have a good day


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