Work,rest and play . Work and rest explored but what of play. Play just as necessary but like it’s partners needs to be supportive, not  competitive pressure, need to win by another name. Fun and spontaneous,innocently child like with no expectations, creative, allowing imagination extended. Some simple activity ideas for kids for spontaneous play courtesy of Healthy Kohl’s kids:

Dance to your favourite music
Play catch
Jump rope and make up your own rhyme
Play hide and seek, tag or invent a game
Have a hula hooping contest
Toss around a Frisbee or shoot hoops
Draw a jumping pattern on the sidewalk and play hopscotch
Running, jumping, somersaults, ……

Doh … you may say but when did you last have fun like this. Quite a challenge but google path also took me to laughter as a key to carefree moments I seek.

Have a fun day.



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