answer questions

Who?What? Why? Not questions about life and death, friendship and love,saving the planet. They can wait for another day. Selfishly indulgent me me me today.  That simple question – Do you want to live this way?

So , Why wouldn’t you do what is best for you? Realised at last ,in early hours in that half awake state,  weakness in question. No firm yes or no so goes unanswered. The focus shifts from need for action to thoughts, avoidance pretending to be otherwise.

Try , Do you want to do what’s best for you? Do I want to do what’s best for me? Me not you has to be there too, to own the answer.

Then think today about the advantages and disadvantages of making a change . To understand why after all these days I am not well on the way to running a marathon. Why reasons and excuses interchange. There have to be disadvantages real or imagined to making the changes. Surely I would simply do something that had only advantages. At heart of inertia is sense or so it will seem if reasons left unchallenged.

Today let me ask questions, and not run from them.

What are the reasons for not doing what I say I want to do ?

How can I address them one by one.?

Why would I not do what is good for me? We shall find out and I will stand and that half empty glass will fill up.

Will you have a good day? Choose yes

Have a good day



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