Another day ,another word. Prompted by a sporting sensation , a philosophical turn. To be successful or victorious in a contest sounds harmless and desirable but of course that conveniently forgets that in a contest for there to be a winner there has to be a loser and in recent events the loser was annihilated which sounds pretty unfriendly to me. So where is win-win ? A myth put about by winners to make losers feel better or  achievable compromise. To keep on course have to believe latter possible. Can’t make every day a fight , too wearing, even if you think you’ve won . Eventually , bit slow today,realise that’s why need to adopt a less adversarial focus as a way to win this battle , oops no,  challenge ! Words are thoughts expressed.

Need some Muzak to get my head into a different space . Forget the words just remember nostalgically a simpler time

Have a good day



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