be happy

Practise,practise,practise.  especially on the down days when drowning in sorrow. Treat being happy like any other skill to be mastered . Work at it and then work harder. No excuses. Did you do your grateful list yesterday, random act of kindness , eat well ,smile, …. Get my point ….Nobody said it would be easy …..

Hmm .. reading this back seems too harsh  a stand , a contradiction with kindness philosophy. Where does tough love sit ?That question seems worthy of exploration but having turned the corner, so can see light, can wait for another day . Over to youtube .

A video viewed by over 300million not entirely sure why so popular but it fits today’s brief and today need to get back on programme not lost in internet surf. If though like me not inspired by it today pick something from mood music that lightens your load.

Have a good day



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