be fearless


What I want not what I am. Fearless. Reached this blog via exercise, each google journey continues to surprise. Starting at end , key is to do something so today few words.

For those who like entry to a random youtube walk here is link but no recommendation

Have a good day



answer questions

Who?What? Why? Not questions about life and death, friendship and love,saving the planet. They can wait for another day. Selfishly indulgent me me me today.  That simple question – Do you want to live this way?

So , Why wouldn’t you do what is best for you? Realised at last ,in early hours in that half awake state,  weakness in question. No firm yes or no so goes unanswered. The focus shifts from need for action to thoughts, avoidance pretending to be otherwise.

Try , Do you want to do what’s best for you? Do I want to do what’s best for me? Me not you has to be there too, to own the answer.

Then think today about the advantages and disadvantages of making a change . To understand why after all these days I am not well on the way to running a marathon. Why reasons and excuses interchange. There have to be disadvantages real or imagined to making the changes. Surely I would simply do something that had only advantages. At heart of inertia is sense or so it will seem if reasons left unchallenged.

Today let me ask questions, and not run from them.

What are the reasons for not doing what I say I want to do ?

How can I address them one by one.?

Why would I not do what is good for me? We shall find out and I will stand and that half empty glass will fill up.

Will you have a good day? Choose yes

Have a good day


clear space

A recurring theme, change in  another guise, letting go of the past happily to make space. Not space for things but for adventures and memories. The physical dusty old linked to memories good and bad, clear both internal and external cobwebs. Give away those things and memories that hold me back not propel me forward. Anything, like the old comfy chair, relax and sink into it but if it provides no support and getting out if it to stand a struggle , is it time for a straight backed chair and exercise?
What do you want most and what can you give up to gain?

No music but let’s make do with some inspirational quotes instead. Not sure about content but pictures spoke.

Have a good day


get going

Could have been “be tough” instead since words taken from song but “get going” gets to have its day . We can toughen up another time. Why? well choice of “get going” always bemuses me in this song as rather than getting on with it as intended I always hear “get going” as run away. So much for those tough guys when you need them , more sense than to hang around in time of need. Cup definitely needs filling up , half empty but hopefully muzak will do the trick on an overcast , stormy summers day. So hear  what you want and get going. Time waits for no man …or woman so they say.

Have a good day


keep it simple

So said it shall be done. Who would have thought simple could require so much effort or do I mean learning new habits requires focus and determination. Anyway today a post to some wonderful photographs which fortuitously are on a simple living site

Practise simplicity, practice makes perfect so they say. They of course chose to say nothing on perfection paralysis but let’s keep it simple, perfection is for another day

Have a simple day



Promised a return. Rise and shine!

[Another day another broken link here a replacement not sure why old one gone since its Warhawk Matt Scott in Nike No Excuses so can’t be copyright infringement the whole point is for it to go viral oh well mine not to reason why …,,]

Rise and shine! Insanity is keep doing same thing and expecting a different outcome. Macho approach today after all that fluffy grateful and kindness stuff. Both have a place take what you need

Have a great day




To be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject.

Yesterday was about excellence but also about finishing and although extra applause for those who did best, there was applause for everyone who completed what they had set out to do. I’m often discouraged rather than inspired by excellence, no need to think that way, celebrate your own unique contribution as success. Survival may mean being best but living can be a step away into your own world. Musing, meandering today, day after tiredness creeping up, yesterday gone. Words to capture emotions a challenge but perhaps the lack of focus is doing just that.

Be kind

Have a good day