A word I associate with failure .

The expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable , to weaken or harm by doing so – to compromise your autoimmune system is not desirable , to compromise on safety may put self and others at risk .

But, this journey is all about looking beyond current blinkered view, to challenge automatic thoughts along well travelled grooves.

Compromise is also

An intermediate state between conflicting alternatives reached by mutual concession:

Now this could take you to a position that neither party wants and leaves harbouring resentment or could be perfect blend better than either party had imagined. I want red you want blue is purple perfect or a pain? Something tells me as clock ticks and words run out , the more you see relationships as supportive and not as battles to win control the possibilities for healthy creativity will emerge. Enough mock zen philosophy for day.

muzak fitted mood though not message no matter

Have a good day



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