be grateful

Life is full of odd coincidences once you start looking for them . Day 49 and even after yesterday’s temporary rally and lots of fresh air, retail therapy and sunshine was struggling again today . So headed for old friends well not friends , voices from blogs in cyber space and found Plan C’s 365 grateful challenge blog , no surprise that a spirit that had called to me had found 365 grateful too .

Surprise was that the blog stopped on day 49 though I know she has blogged since a sign that today is just a pause and daily blogging is not for everyone . Failure to demonstrate our gratitude to others is not the benchmark . Words now flowing but little sense , let them stay for now , edit another day ….Tomorrow is always enough … Hmm is always another day but be grateful now in this moment . Pause now not looking back ,not looking forward , pause , smile inwardly and know it’s a good time to be me.

Be grateful today


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