see friends

Many topics jostling for position today but since really seeing a dear old friend it seems in spirit of this blogging being life enhancing not the opposite to keep todays post short . And short means no re edits so the short post you finally see has taken an hour , no googling for an hour which you don’t see either . No short!! Googling to supplement this surprisingly addictive the need to justify with a quote ,a picture ,something as if those 140 words are not enough. Digging deeper as though I am not enough.

Whoa … can see this heading in a direction that will not keep this post brief even spelling whoa led me to urban dictionary which I have had to resist including link to because that 2 min diversion will not be 2 minutes! The bell rings, buzzes , tolls anyway does whatever bells do.

If you feel cheated go visit urban dictionary otherwise although potentially pretentious rather liked the suggested answer message from yesterday’s criminal minds

I am too busy to get to the phone right now I am living my life.

Live your life today



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