A brilliant sunny day , a day to jump in a canoe and paddle down the river, through the amazon jungle , climb a mountain, discover a place no other has seen.

Explore … or for the armchair explorer well wheelchair to be more precise .. to simply (a much overused word in this positive realm) learn something new. Perhaps to evaluate the possibilities. A word to take you on an exciting journey .

Have an adventure today

1.Travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it.
“he explored the Amazon jungle”

1a. Search for resources such as mineral deposits.
“the company has been granted licences to explore for petroleum”

2. Inquire into or discuss (a subject) in detail.
“he sets out to explore fundamental questions”

examine or evaluate (an option or possibility).
“the firm will explore joint development projects”

3. Examine by touch.
“her fingers explored his hair”

4.Medicine : surgically examine (a wound or part of the body) in detail.
“he decided to explore the lesion to establish the diagnosis”



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