be kind

Yesterday was a tough day , full of why didn’t I’s and coulds and shoulds all jostling for attention. Determined to make me feel bad and intensify the pain in my face. Well they can fight but paracetamol did it’s job and I awake resolving not to let them win but today to be kind . Kind to everyone including me, leaving judgement to others and the gods .

Maybe there’s a world ,a parallel universe where there is no need for concept of reward and punishment , there is just light .Maybe also too early in morning for philosophy , simple is the mantra , let’s just remember to perform random acts of kindness today. Selfless or selfish I’m not going to hold you to only helping others when you need to also help yourself.

Have the day you deserve. That’s meant well but to a glass half empty person might seem like a curse. So instead.

May your day be full of kindness



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