Good morning

just do it for no reason , smile. 🙂

can it be that easy , well you could go a step further and laugh feel free.

No need for a link googling benefits of smiling you are spoilt for choice. Many eager to share with you the health benefits of this free treatment, to extols it’s virtues in reducing stress and raising endorphins . Only claim not made is that it will reduce likelihood of common cold . Perhaps I could research this avenue in an idle moment .

But just in case you are wisely having a google free day and have forgotten how to smile a tip from the web

If you do force a smile, try to let your whole face smile, not just your mouth. In other words, don’t just turn the corners of your mouth up but let the expression move up your cheeks, and eyes and forehead.

hope the thought of millions as one earnestly following this guidance has made you really smile

have a nice day



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