Not to sleep but to dream of joys I have and a future…. . I deleted future because today is about living in this moment but then didn’t in living now want to deny the future or the past . But in doing so want to live and love now . Hmmm .. Meeks no feels (not sure where autocorrect got that from!) pretentious what have written so far today but so be it . Freedom to just write words without constant need to read and reread to make sure they are right , whatever inner or external critic will judge .  Only 88 words so far odd how pared down over last few days 140 seems many when before it was few. This post feels rambly and weak on substance or do I mean sense. Whatever, lying here it is long enough to make my hand hurt or more likely it feels long because my hand hurts .Good enough reason having now passed 140 to wish you a good day. Time to dream.



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